Land Management for Water Quality Improvement in the Rock River Basin

Rock River Coalition is a partner in several active land management projects for water quality improvement in the Rock River Basin.

Our ongoing projects include: 

Executive Residence Native Lakeshore Restoration

2022-2023, Madison, WI
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Partners: This project is coordinated through a partnership between Rock River Coalition, Wisconsin Lake Leaders, Wisconsin Executive Residence, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Clean Lakes Alliance, Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Extension Lakes, and Resource Environmental Solutions.


Riverside Park Creek Streamside Restoration

2023-2024, Watertown, WI
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Partners and Sponsors: City of Watertown, Rock River Coalition, WE Energies Foundation, Earl and Eugenia Quirk Foundation.


Watertown Waterways Improvement Program

2023-2024, Watertown, WI
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Partners: City of Watertown, Rock River Coalition, Jefferson County Land and Water Resources Department