We aim to provide educational opportunities for a variety of people by creating learning experiences. From the creation of materials such as handbooks and outreach materials to collaboration with students, we value providing people with the tools to learn about and contribute to their local waters.

We partner with the Rock River Stormwater Group (RRSG) and students to find innovative ways to spread information throughout communities. Visit our Accomplishment Highlights page to view some of the educational materials we have created.

We also regularly collaborate with colleges and universities, such as UW-Whitewater and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW-Madison, to provide students with direct experience interested in this type of work. Students will often find projects that they want to work on in collaboration with us and we help to provide the knowledge and resources they need.

We additionally work with local high schools about stream monitoring. We also collaborate with community centers for specific projects such as our purple loosestrife prevention project. Read more about the purple loosestrife project.

Our webinars, lecture series, and annual conference, The Confluence, provide opportunities for our members and communities to learn more about local water concerns and actions from experts. These happen throughout the year and provide opportunities for continued learning to those interested.