We aim to provide educational opportunities for a variety of people by creating learning experiences. From the creation of materials such as handbooks and outreach materials to collaboration with students, we value providing people with the tools to learn about and contribute to their local waters.

Photo Credit: Addie Schlussel


Every spring we offer Stream Monitoring and Aquatic Invasive Species training throughout the Rock River Basin. Volunteer stream monitors adopt a local stream site and collect data on water quality there. This data is used by state and local groups to understand watershed protection and restoration needs. Our Aquatic Invasive Species Program aims to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in the Rock River Basin by educating community members about AIS and empowering them to take action.


We provide many ways that individuals can learn including hands-on projects. Ongoing workshops include installing rain barrels and previous ones have included A Rain Garden in Every Community. Learn more about these workshops by clicking the button below.


The Confluence is a biennial conference that we host. It features informative presentations and a place where you can meet others interested in protecting the water in the Rock River Basin. We share stories, learn how our water data is being used, and hear from different organizations about lake and stream protection efforts.

Photo Credit: Kara Henderlight


There are many ways to interact with the water and we aim to provide engaging opportunities to do so. For many of the recreational activities that we host, we partner with different organizations to provide paddling and boating events including Color in the Outdoors, WI Salt Wise, and the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. We believe that everyone should be able to connect with the outdoors and waterways. We aim to provide the opportunities and community for diverse groups of people to interact this way.