Testing the Waters – Volunteers

Calling Volunteers for Testing the Waters A Paddle and Probe Adventure

 The Rock River Coalition is doing its most ambitious program to date.

And we need your help.

 Here is where we need help:

 Prior to event

River Paddle Route

  1. Scope out paddle routes and report back regarding any obstavcles or concerns
  2. Join a team helping to clear downed trees and blockages, mostly between Mayville and Greenhead Landing.
  3. Paddle from Theresa to Mayville with monitoring array


Videographer: Before the event

  1. Takes short videos of staff talking about the event
  2. Edit drone flights that we’ve been taking along the Rock and add content

Videographer during the event

  1. Meet with the paddle crew every morning to do a short video of the days expectations.
  2. Edit video taken during the day
  3. Post videos to our You Tube site


Publicity and Support

  1. Post flyers at businesses,
  2. Recruit food for team members (lunch and dinner)
  3. Recruit sponsorships
  4. Help with website – help us compose our story,


Each Day of the Event we will need help

Paddle Launch Site

    • 2 people to help with registration
    • 1 person at the sales table (RRC t-shirts, wine glasses)
    • 1 person helping set up displays and other materials: answer questions about RRC/other groups
    • Put together coolers for food and beverages: ice, food in ziplocks, etc


During  the Paddle we will need

  • 1 person acting as the Sweep,
  • 1 person trained in emergency first aid and water rescue
  • 1 person as designated lead


At our Community events

    • 2 people at registration
    • 1 person in charge of sales (RRC t-shirts, wine glasses)
    • 1 person helping with displays and handouts: answer questions about RRC/other groups
    • 1 person in charge of padding our donation turbidity tube
    • 1 person helping with food set-up
    • 2 people helping with clean-up


Assist at Campsites

It would be great if our tired paddlers didn’t have to set up camp after paddling all day and then doing a community educational program. You would be doing this during the day with one of our staff:

  1. Setting up tents (4-6)
  2. Blowing up any air mattresses, air beds
  3. Getting campfire ready
  4. Helping prepare or set out food (if needed)
  5. Of course you can stick around and enjoy the campfire with us.



  1. Loan of Truck or SUV or other appropriate vehicle to pull kayak trailer.
  2. Driver to transport canoe/kayak trailer and camping gear. Need to be able to be at campsite early, and at pick-up site.
  3. Person with a large pick-up able to handle towing the DNR large (500 pound) Voyageur Canoes. We need to pick them up in Boscobel on May 23, transport them to our launch site at Indianford County Park on May 24, meet the group at the end of that day’s paddle and then meet us at Afton Road Boat Launch on May 25 and again at the end of the day. On May 26 work out details of how the next group will get the boats.


If you are interested send an email to, stating which task(s) you are willing to help with, which day or days will work for you and give us your name, phone number and email in the body of the email.

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