Liz Khomenkov

Liz is a current senior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, majoring in Conservation Biology, Environmental Studies, and Public Policy. She will be continuing her education at UW-Madison, pursuing a master’s degree in Agroecology. Liz is passionate about soils and agriculture, especially how they impact waterways. Liz has conducted research on a wide rangeĀ of topics, from cereal crop genetics to soil lipidomics. Her graduate work, partnered with the Rodale Institute, will focus on environmental health metrics surrounding ‘climate-smart’ farming practices in the Southern Piedmont region.
Growing up in rural/suburban Wisconsin, Liz spent a lot of time in the outdoors, biking and hiking her way through the northeastern and central portions of our beautiful state. In her free time, Liz likes to hike out into the wilderness, take a seat on a good rock, and draw the wonders of the forest. As a lifelong swimmer, she also finds pleasure in swimming in all kinds of waterways. Indoors, Liz enjoys cooking and knitting.
A current member and co-secretary of the RRC executive board, Liz is eager to further explore the Rock River Basin.