Your Stream Monitoring Data

Thanks to a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources River grant, you can now view the stream monitoring data collected by our dedicated citizen monitors online using two web applications. 


The online ArcGIS map

Please follow this link:

This online map geographically illustrates grades for each water quality parameter for each site monitored by volunteers during a 10-year period – from 2005 to 2015 — using ESRI ArcGIS software. Grades were assigned on percentage of results meeting or not meeting each water quality target for each parameter for each site. A potential of 180 stream sites were included in this analysis.

volunteer-power_esristorymapThe ESRI story map

Please follow this link:

This ESRI story map summarizes the broad findings from the data analysis and links these findings to the ArcGIS map. The story map also provides links to 86 watershed maps that can be printed for volunteer use. 


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