Archived Materials From Volunteer Gatherings, Conferences and Workshops

We have had many gatherings, conferences and workshops over the years. Here are just a few of the resources from these various venues. 

2017 A Gathering for Volunteers in the Yahara River Watershed

2017 Waubesa Wetlands Study Plan

2016 Confluence: A Gathering of Volunteer Lake and Stream Monitors in the Rock River Basin

2016 Confluence_Final Agenda

02_Welcome Comments_RRC Board President_Jane Carlson

03_WDNR Citizen Lake Monitoring_Rachel Sabre

04_WAV Updates_Ilana Haimes

05_RRC Stream Monitoring Program_Nancy Sheehan

06_Determinants of Stream Health_Mike Miller

2016 Local watershed groups and volunteer stream and lake monitors

Handout_Explore Waters_DNR Interactive Databases_Ilana Haimes


2016 Volunteer Stream Monitoring Gathering in the Yahara River watershed

AGENDA: 2016 Volunteer Stream Monitoring Gathering

From Pilot Project to Full Scale Adaptive Management, Kathy Lake, Environmental Specialist,  Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Link to powerpoint: Adaptive Management_Kathy Lake_MMSD

From Watershed Network Gatherings to Watershed Plan: Update from Dane County, Susan Sandford, Strategic Engagement Coordinator, Dane Co. Office of Lakes & Watersheds 

Link to powerpoint: Update from Dane County_Susan Sandford_Dane County OLW

Update on RRC Volunteer Stream Monitoring Project, Nancy Sheehan, Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator, The Rock River Coalition

Link to powerpoint: Update Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program_Nancy Sheehan_RRC

The 2015 Water Year: USGS Monitoring in the Yahara River Watershed Todd Stuntebeck, Physical Scientist, Water Quality Assessments and Monitoring, USGS 

Link to powerpoint: A Tale of Two Normals_Todd Stuntebeck_USGS

Impact of Nutrients on Stream Biological Communities, Mike Sorge, Water Resources Management Specialist, WDNR

Link to powerpoint: Biological Monitoring_Mike Sorge_WDNR Stream Biologist.ppt

Volunteers Telling Their Stories, Nancy Sheehan, Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator, RRC 

Link to powerpoint: RRC Volunteers Telling Their Story_Nancy Sheehan_RRC

Monitoring Of Pheasant Branch In Focus, Herb Garn, retired USGS and volunteer stream monitor 

Link to powerpoint: Monitoring of Pheasant Branch_Herb Garn_Retired USGS




2015 Celebrating  Our Streams: A Workshop For Volunteers and Local Watershed Groups in the Yahara River Watershed, Fitchburg, WI

Agenda: Celebrate Our Streams_Agenda_02_28_2015


Welcome and Introductions

Food for thought(publish)

Adaptive Management and Preliminary Results from Volunteer Collected Data

2015 What Our Volunteers Have Accomplished

Panel Presentations: Stream Restoration

Geomorphology of Lowland Streams and Implications for Restoration

2015 Thinking Outside the Channel

2015 Producer Implemented Water Quality Improvement in the Driftless Area

Stream Restoration in the Upper Sugar River

Film Shorts:

“Hidden Creek” a mini-documentary by Freshwater Illustrated:

“Urban Waters: Restoring the Bronx River” a mini-documentary by Wildlife Conservation Society: 


Fly Fishing and Stream Monitoring: A Workshop for Volunteers, Clinton, WI

Flyer: Fly Fishing Event for Rock River Coalition Volunteer Stream Monitors

2014 Confluence: A Gathering for Lake and Stream Volunteer Monitors, Fitchburg, WI

Agenda: 2014 Confluence Agenda Flyer

2012 Confluence: A Gathering for Lake and Stream Volunteer Monitors, Lake Mills, WI

Agenda: 2012 ConfluenceAgenda (Final)

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