The Rock River Coalition works with many partners on projects to benefit the basin. Key projects include:

Citizen Stream Monitoring

Currently more than 100 volunteers monitor streams in the Rock River Basin as part of the RRC monitoring program learn more here.

Actually Restorable Wetlands

The Actually Restorable Wetland (ARW) project is an effort to locate suitable wetland restoration sites in the Rock River Basin.

Citizen Wetland Monitoring

The RRC has been monitoring at the Zeloski Unit of the Lake Mills Wildlife Area since 2004.  Volunteers monitor birds, amphibians, insects, water quality and small mammals.

Restoring the Rock

This project uses the results of the TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Report as a guide to improving water quality in the Rock River Basin. Follow the link for more information about the project, information on past forums and to download a fact sheet.

Water Star Wisconsin

a state-wide project developed through leadership of the Rock River Coalition. A number of municipalities in the basin have achieved Water Star status including Dane County, Waukesha County, Fitchburg, Beloit, Whitewater, Middleton, Sun Prairie, DeForest, Oconomowoc and Monona.

Starting in June 2012 a new series of webinars will hit the air. Check on offerings and view archived webinars at

The Wisconsin Shoreland Restoration Initiative Project

The RRC is supporting a citizen-led effort to restore the shoreline at the Governor’s Executive Residence in Madison with native plants to improve water quality and wildlife habitat, and to promote the practice statewide. The RRC is accepting donations (include link) for the project.


We are excited to announce the completion of a basin-wide computer Groundwater-flow model. This project, nine years in the making, is now complete. The Basin does not have a regional planning commission so the RRC spearheaded this project for the benefit of all communities in the Basin.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Rock River Coalition (RRC), constructed a groundwater-flow model of the Rock River Basin in Wisconsin using the computer program GFLOW. View the USGS Rock River Basin GFLOW Report. This project could not have been done without the generous support of sponsors including communities, businesses, individuals, organizations and agencies.  For more information about this RRC effort contact

Rock River Stormwater Group (RRSG)

The Rock River Stormwater Group (RRSG) was established in 2008 for the creation and operation of a Stormwater Education Program to help groups fulfill the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources MS4 permit requirements and to promote sustainable stormwater practices in the Rock River Basin. The Rock River Coalition helped start this group and is one of its partners. For more information about this group and to view its annual work plan go to:

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