One type of nature-based solution: beaver dam analogs

Environmental leaders in Southern Wisconsin are pursuing nature-based solutions to restore function to wetlands and riparian areas. A nature-based solution is a form of conservation that utilizes or replicates natural features to address a specific issue. In this case, beaver dam analogs will be used to reconnect floodplains and restore function to streams and riparian wetlands.

Nature-based solutions are typically small-scale techniques with lower costs and complexity than other more traditional conservation tools, and these sessions will help us determine the most effective method of building a beaver dam analog.

Virtual Webinar: This prerecorded webinar outlines the technique, appropriate locations, and challenges of one type of nature-based solution to restore function to wetlands and riparian areas. Find the recording here.

Upcoming Hands on Workshop: Wednesday, September 18, 2024

This hands-on workshop will briefly summarize desired outcomes and allow participants to build the beaver dam analogs. We will conduct pre- and post-monitoring to document the following changes: reduced runoff, better water quality, and improved wetland vegetation and associated wildlife.

Click here if you are interested in participation.