Once the Rock River Basin TMDL Report was complete the DNR decided to establish sector teams including Agriculture, Industrial and Municipal Wastewater, Stormwater, Education and Outreach and Monitoring and Assessment. The TMDL report outlines needed reductions to meet water quality standards. For nonpoint sources, the report does not provide specifics on how these reductions are accomplished. A TMDL Implementation Team will work through the sector teams to develop an implementation plan: “The Rock River Recover Plan”.

For more information on the sector teams check out our Winter 2010 Rock River Reflections newsletter.

As part of the work the teams developed a fact sheet, excerpted here:

Preserving and Improving Our Shared Resources
… Water quality in the Rock River can be improved. Greater water clarity and decreased algae blooms will increase the value and usefulness of the river. We all depend on clean water—for drinking, recreation, agriculture and industrial businesses. Everyone who lives or vacations in the Rock River Basin will benefit from improved water quality. … Read more in the PDF (3.57mb)

To begin the conversation the DNR, UW-Extension and Rock River Coalition hosted a number of educational forums in 2011. Below are links to the presentations.

2011 Forum Presentations (PDFs)

April 14: Working with Farmers to Reduce Runoff

Restoring Wetlands for Flood Control and Water Quality (3.4mb)Handouts (654kb)
Understanding farmer perceptions and management choices for reducing runoff in two Rock River Basin watersheds (6.7mb)
Landowners, Communities, Government and Scientists to Develop Creative Strategies to Reduce Runoff Pollution in Two Small Watersheds in Wisconsin and Illinois (3.0mb)Handouts (328kb)

May 19: Targeting Water Quality Improvements

Yahara CLEAN and the Yahara Lakes Legacy Partnership by Sue Josheff, WDNR ( 2.7mb)
The challenges of mitigating impacts of development on water resources by Steve Gaffield, Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions (1.9mb)
A land trust’s journey using the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative to target improvements in the Lake Delavan Watershed by Maggie Zoellner, Kettle Moraine Land Trust (1.2mb)

June 9: Whether Weather Changes will Impact the Rock

Understanding the effect of changing weather systems and how to protect our cities and farms from these impacts by Tim Asplund, WDNR (3.3mb)
Climate Change, Shifting Land Use, and Urbanization: Challenges for Water Quality and Quantity by Adena Rissman (742kb)

September 14: Working with Land Owners on Water Quality Issues

Pecatonica River Wisconsin Buffer Initiative (WBI) Pilot Project (4.37mb)
Horicon and Fox River Comprehensive Conservation Plan (1.82mb)