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We have had many gatherings, conferences and workshops over the years. Here are just a few of the resources from these various venues.

Agenda: 2017 Volunteer Stream Monitoring Gathering

Full Scale Adaptive Management, Emily Jones, MMSD: RRC_MMSD-Adaptive-Management-Presentation-3.25.17

Dane County Streams, Update Water Quality Monitoring Update, Todd Stuntebeck, USGSTO BE POSTED WHEN FINALIZED

Citizen Stream Monitoring Program in the Yahara River Watershed AND Creating a Data Sharing Portal, Nancy Sheehan, RRC: 03_25_17-Volunteer-Gathering_RRC-Presentation

How to Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species, Jeanne Scherer, WDNR: Draft-Disinfection-for-stream-volunteer-montitors

February 22, 2017, Meeting Agenda: Agenda – 2.22.17

Nancy Sheehan, RRC presentation: 02_22_17-Waubesa-Wetlands-Study_NAS-Presentation2

AGENDA: 2016 Volunteer Stream Monitoring Gathering

From Pilot Project to Full Scale Adaptive Management, Kathy Lake, Environmental Specialist,  Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Link to powerpoint: Adaptive-Management_Kathy-Lake_MMSD

From Watershed Network Gatherings to Watershed Plan: Update from Dane County, Susan Sandford, Strategic Engagement Coordinator, Dane Co. Office of Lakes & Watersheds 

Link to powerpoint: Update-from-Dane-County_Susan-Sandford_Dane-County-OLW

Update on RRC Volunteer Stream Monitoring Project, Nancy Sheehan, Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator, The Rock River Coalition

Link to powerpoint: Update Volunteer Update-Volunteer-Stream-Monitoring-Program_Nancy-Sheehan_RRC

The 2015 Water Year: USGS Monitoring in the Yahara River Watershed Todd Stuntebeck, Physical Scientist, Water Quality Assessments and Monitoring, USGS 

Link to powerpoint: A-Tale-of-Two-Normals_Todd-Stuntebeck_USGS

Impact of Nutrients on Stream Biological Communities, Mike Sorge, Water Resources Management Specialist, WDNR

Link to powerpoint: Biological-Monitoring_Mike-Sorge_WDNR-Stream-Biologist.ppt

Volunteers Telling Their Stories, Nancy Sheehan, Stream Monitoring Program Coordinator, RRC 

Link to powerpoint: RRC-Volunteers-Telling-Their-Story_Nancy-Sheehan_RRC

Monitoring Of Pheasant Branch In Focus, Herb Garn, retired USGS and volunteer stream monitor 

Link to powerpoint: Monitoring-of-Pheasant-Branch_Herb-Garn_Retired-USGS

Agenda: Celebrate Our Streams Agenda 02-28-2015


Welcome & Introductions

Food for Thought

Adaptive Management and Preliminary Results from Volunteer Collected Data


Panel Presentations: Stream Restoration





Film Shorts:

“Hidden Creek” a mini-documentary by Freshwater Illustrated:

“Urban Waters: Restoring the Bronx River” a mini-documentary by Wildlife Conservation Society: