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Stream Monitoring Map

Welcome to the Stream Monitoring Map! What is an interactive map? An interacting map responds to clicking and rolling your mouse to show more information;

Rock River Basin Watersheds

What is a Watershed? It’s the land that water flows across or under on its way to a stream, river or lake. Rock River Basin

Volunteer Stream Monitoring Resources

Methods Temperature Tutorial Video | PDF Transparency Tutorial Video | PDF Dissolved Oxygen Tutorial Video | PDF Stream Flow Tutorial Video | PDF Biotic Index

Aquatic Invasive Species Resources

Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species The most important thing you can do about aquatic invasive species is to avoid spreading them from one waterbody

Stormwater Resources

We are working really hard behind the scenes to learn more and craft this statement. We are hoping to update this soon. Please let us

What You Can Do From Home

Everything is connected. What happens to our land happens to our water. And so our individual actions can have a direct impact on our local


Stream Monitor Trainings Volunteer stream monitors adopt a stream site and collect data on water quality there. This data is used by state and local


We provide many ways that individuals can learn including hands-on projects. We currently offer rain barrel workshops in collaboration with The City of Watertown. Previous