Since 2002, the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have recognized exemplary work in volunteer stream monitoring in Wisconsin with the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Awards Program.

Patricia Cicero, Rock River Coalition Board Member and Water Resources Management Specialist with the Jefferson County Land and Water Resources Department was honored with the Outstanding Employee Award. She was recognized for her work with Volunteer Stream Monitoring, Project RED, Clean Boats/Clean Waters programs (to name only a few) as well as her leadership roles at Jefferson County, Rock Lake Improvement Association and the Rock River Coalition.

“Patricia Cicero has dedicated her career to water resources,” said Peggy Compton, WAV Coordinator. “Patricia works at Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department and has been contributing data to the DNR through various monitoring programs since 2005. Whether on a stage or in a boat, she can always be counted on to talk to groups about the importance of monitoring our water resources.”

Also winning awards were Laura DeGolier as Adult Volunteer of the Year and Camryn Kluetmeier as Student Volunteer. Laura has monitored for more than ten years on the Fond du Lac River and with her Water Warriors on two branches of the Rock River.

In the process of selecting a monitoring site as a Rock River Coalition volunteer, Camryn Kluetmeier decided that she wanted to pick a stream close to her school and invite her classmates to join in. That spring, she started the Eagle School Stream Monitoring Club on Nine Springs Creek, with the help of her mom and Amy Walden, a DNR staffer and Eagle School mom. Camryn has made a real commitment to sharing her joy of stream monitoring with younger kids in a number of ways.

Well deserved awards, everyone! We are so proud that we have such amazing people working on behalf of our waters.

This article is part of our Spring 2016 Newsletter.