Are you a waterfowl hunter? Help prevent the spread of AIS!

As waterfowl hunting season approaches, we would like to remind those of you that hunt about the threats and dangers of aquatic invasive species (AIS).

Whether you boat or walk in to your hunting spot, consider taking a gallon or two of tap water and a sturdy brush along to use before you leave the access point at the end of the day. To prevent aquatic invasive species from ruining your favorite hunting spots, it’s important to get as much water drained from the boat, motor and decoys as possible. Also, check everything from under a dog’s hunting vest to the boat prop and other gear and remove plants, seeds, snails, and mud. Brush things off thoroughly and rinse. If you can, dry everything completely for a least 5 days.

Advice to kill hidden invasive species (disinfection) can be found at

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