Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in joining us! Please read through the opportunities below and fill out an interest form to get in touch.

Stream Monitoring

Volunteer stream monitors adopt a local stream site and collect data on water quality there. This data is used by state and local groups to understand watershed protection and restoration needs. Stream sites are available throughout Wisconsin’s Rock River Basin. See our Prospective Stream Monitoring Volunteers pages for more information.

Lake Monitoring

Volunteer lake monitors collect information on lake health by measuring water clarity, searching for new invasive species, or noting lakes’ ice-on and ice-off dates. We coordinate Dodge and Rock Counties’ lake monitoring program, and we are especially seeking volunteers for Lake Sinissippi and Lost Lake. However, sites throughout the watershed are available. Learn more about CLMN here.

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring

Photo Credit: Chris Hamerla

Volunteers search for new populations of aquatic invasive species while paddling or wading their favorite streams or rivers. We are recruiting volunteers for Dodge and Rock County, but sites are available throughout the watershed. Learn more about Project Red here.

Learn more about how to volunteer.

Snapshot Day

This one-day, statewide volunteer event aims to teach community members about invasive species and take a “snapshot” of new and existing aquatic invasive species populations. Think of it as an invasive species scavenger hunt! We coordinate Dodge and Rock County’s Snapshot Day events, which are typically held in August.

Learn more about Snapshot Day through this StoryMap produced by River Alliance of Wisconsin.

Purple Loosestrife Biocontrol

Purple Loosestrife along the Rock RiverWe raise and release beetles that feed on purple loosestrife, giving native wetland plants a leg up in their competition against this widespread invasive plant. Volunteers can help dig and pot purple loosestrife, set up beetle rearing cages, and collect and release beetles. These volunteer opportunities occur in spring and early summer, primarily in Dodge and Jefferson Counties.


Volunteers speak informally with community members about the Rock River Coalition’s work. Depending on the event, volunteers may speak about the Rock River Coalition’s mission and how to get involved, or they may educate boaters about invasive species prevention.

Grant Assistance

Volunteers consult with staff members to draft grant applications to fund the Rock River Coalition’s work.