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Join us and make a difference. Support the coalition!

Download the Printable 2015 Membership Brochure (PDF)

The Rock River Coalition offers numerous opportunities for participation. Members receive a periodic newsletter, notices of forums, conferences and special events; access to state and local agency personnel; the opportunity to serve on committees and issue teams; and an invitation to the annual meeting.

Membership Benefits:

As a member of the Rock River Coalition, you help us achieve our mission, but you also receive many benefits including:

  • Advanced notice of events and activities such as the annual Send Your Legislator Down the River (SYLDR) educational event
  • Discounts on seminars and educational programs.
  • Municipal memberships for large municipalities at the Affiliate rate receive discounts for members of the identified department member. Membership at the Municipal rate allows all staff and elected officials to receive discounts to workshops and member events.
  • Quarterly newsletters with informative articles and notices.

Why Become a Member of the Rock River Coalition?


Small shop to large manufacturer membership provides the opportunity to interact with peers facing similar economic and environmental concerns. Sharing both good and bad experiences can have a positive outcome on the “cost of doing business” in the basin. Serving on committees and issue teams can lead to enhancing recreational opportunities for employees thus leading to a healthier and more stable work force. Bringing a business perspective to the direction and conduct of RRC activities will provide a direct benefit to all RRC members and Rock River Basin residents.

Membership – Corporate



Small and large municipality membership and active participation will provide access to “lessons learned” from other community’s efforts to improve their economic, recreational and environmental well-being. Serving on the RRC tourism and economic committee provides the opportunity to work with peers addressing contemporary issues throughout the basin and within their own community.
Membership – Municipalities


Social, historical, hunting/fishing, conservation and educational organization and agency members bring a sense of community responsibility to the activities of the RRC. They, in turn, receive back the strength that cooperative dialog and common cause can bring. Access to and participation in forums, committees and issue teams can bring synergistic cultural and environmental benefits and new perspectives on the economic consequences of invoking cultural and environmental changes.

Membership – Affiliates

Membership – Chapter
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Individuals bring a unique, non-biased perspective to the RRC. In return, they receive access to a forum for expressing their views and the knowledge that, working in consort with others, they can have a much greater impact on an issue than would be possible alone. Individuals can gain a sense of accomplishment by volunteering to serve on project teams and, by doing so, bring a much needed resource to RRC projects. Other opportunities include committee and issue team participation.

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