Badfish Creek Watershed

Watershed Information

The Badfish Creek Watershed is located primarily in south central Dane County, extending into Northern Rock County. It contains both federal and state protected lands.

Map of Badfish Creek Watershed

Maps of the Watershed

Badfish Creek Watershed Topo Map (PDF)

Badfish Creek Map of Land Cover (PDF)


Links to More Information

2012-2017 Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan

The portion of Badfish Creek Watershed in Dane County is now in the Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Watershed Information – contains a wealth of information about the watershed

Badfish Creek Wildlife Area (PDF) – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Aquatic Plant Management-Badfish Creek (PDF) – from the Aquatic Plant Management Society

Local Landfill Near Badfish Creek – Public Health Assessment, City Disposal Corporation Landfill (A/K/A City Disposal Sanitary Landfill), Dunn Township, Dane County, Wisconsin

2006 Dane County Waters Assessment (PDF)

Dane County Wetland Resources Management Guide

Outfall Around Madison Lakes – an article about the Badfish from 1959! (pdf)

Google map of Badfish Creek
The creek gets pretty wild and curvy around Cooksville.
This can make for a pretty exciting paddle!
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