A Rock River Coalition (RRC) Chapter is a non-incorporated group of individuals working towards improving the environmental, economic, cultural or recreational resources within a specific area or watershed in the Basin. Chapters, while working to make a local difference, are part of well-recognized non-profit receiving administrative support, fiscal management, insurance and other benefits.

For information about Rock River Coalition chapters, contact Suzanne Wade at suzanne@rockrivercoalition.org.

Learn more  RRC Chapters Fact Sheet  (pdf – 27 KB)

Current Chapters

fishlogohuxtable-300x119  Our first chapter is the Friends of Badfish Creek Watershed.

Friends of Badfish Creek Watershed Charter


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Johnson Creek Watershed Alliance
Maunesha River Alliance


The RRC Philosophy on Chapters

The Rock River Coalition Board hopes that establishing chapters throughout the basin will provide an opportunity for small groups of dedicated individuals to pursue projects without the need to incorporate.

The RRC expects that many chapters will either complete their expected work and dissolve, or become an incorporated non-profit of their own.

Before becoming a chapter, the interested group develops goals and a plan. If approved, the RRC Board, issues a Charter setting forth the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the Chapter. Steps are also included in the Charter regarding budgets and funding, how changes to the plan can be made and establishing reporting requirements.

One of the keys to this arrangement is the chapter sets their own rules governing the conduct of their activities, within the policies of the RRC.

A benefit for both the RRC and the chapters is sharing membership income. If a RRC member is also a chapter member, then 25% of any RRC membership dues will be set aside for the chapter’s use. Funds raised through targeted efforts of the chapter are held in an account for their use, and a nominal fee is charged for administration of the funds.

Of course, just like general members, the Chapter and its officers are not authorized to represent or act on behalf of the Rock River Coalition; only the RRC Board is so authorized.