Johnson Creek Watershed Alliance

The Johnson Creek Watershed Alliance / JCWA was established in 2014 as a chapter of the Rock River Coalition by local people concerned about water quality and enhancing the value of the creek through education and stewardship. The focus of our local chapter is best described in our chapter goals:
• Develop clear action plans for attainable goals over the next 3-5 years.
• Learn about the creek’s ecology, challenges and potential:
-Develop plan to survey the creek and the riparian corridor.
-Develop a RRC citizen stream monitoring team.
• Maintain a dynamic chapter, reaching out through the web, social media and marketing to our Village, our schools and surrounding community.
• Educate local residents about the creek, its location, history and importance:
-Annual Stream Clean-up starting in 2015 to coincide with the Rock River Sweep.
• Establish solid partnerships with groups to work together to protect and improve the creek.
• Understand and enlist support of the agricultural community in the watershed.
• Restore free flow in the creek.
• Develop a water quality improvement strategy and begin implementation.

Welcome to Johnson Creek Tree City USA sign

The Johnson creek Watershed Alliance will partner with the Johnson Creek School District to commemorate Earth Day on Friday, April 21st at 1 p.m. A short presentation on our local watershed and where our water comes from will take place in the Elementary School gym. Parents and volunteers are needed to guide and supervise children in grades K-4 as we pick up litter around the school property.  Park along the fence on the Milwaukee St. parking lot or in the old h.s. lot. Sign in at the main entrance to attend the assembly. Please bring your own gloves and bags for trash.

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Our chapter of Rock River Coalition  does a creek clean-up the second Saturday of September in conjunction with the Rock River Sweep.  Volunteers rendezvous at the Johnson creek Historical Society before we scour our creek for trash & debris.  Put it on your calendar now.

For chapter information or to volunteer for our event, contact:

President Pete Hartz at (920) 699-3936 ;

Pat Giese at (920) 699-3711 ;